Timeline of Indostaff Network Activities since 1999

National Activities

Year Activities Host/Prime Mover Fund
1999 Mini Workshop on  Management of Higher


Gadjah             Mada University DSE
2000 Establishing Alumni Network Bogor Agricultural University SEAG
2000 Quality Assurance Seminar Gadjah Mada University DSE
2001 Tracer Study Seminar Gadjah Mada University INWENT
2002 HRK Seminar on Quality Assurance System Gadjah Mada University DAAD
2003 Training on Tracer Study Gadjah Mada University INWENT
2004 Follow Up Training Bogor Agricultural University DGHE-Indonesia
2005 Establishing Indonesia Unistaff Alumni (Indostaff Alumni Network) Proposed in Witzenhausen
2005 Training on Higher Education Academic Leadership University of Riau DGHE
2005 Summer Course (TOT for Unistaff Training) ISOS Univ. of Kassel Germany DAAD
2006 IPB’s Yunior Unistaff Training Bogor Agriculutal University Bogor Agricultural University
2006 Module Development for Unistaff training Bogor Agricultural University DGHE – Indonesia
2006 DIES Meeting (introducing Indostaff) University of Kassel DAAD
2006 Training and Workshop on The principles of Higher Education Quality Development

2 batches: West and East region of Indonesia

DGHE (OC: Indostaff Alumni Network) DGHE (2 batches)
2007 Winter School (GIAN Meeting: Introducing Indostaff Alumni Network) Gottingen University DAAD
2007 Conference on Reshaping Teaching and Learning In Higher Education:

The growing need for graduate

University of Riau University of Riau
2007 Restructuring of Indonesia Unistaff Alumni (Indostaff): Steering Committee Establishment and Empowerment Bogor Agricultural University Bogor Agricultural University and self financing from the Participants (Indostaff Alumni)
2008 Regional Workshop on

Quality Assurance and Management of Higher Education : Concept and Implementation of QA and Management in ASIAN HE

University of Indonesia

(12 – 14 February 2008, Makara Depok)

DAAD, University of Indonesia
2010 International Seminar cum Workshop on University Networking for Enhancing International Competitiveness of Indonesian Universities Brawijaya University

(13-15 February 2010, Batu Malang)

2010 International Deans’ Course Meeting Phase II and Meeting on MAHE preparation Padjadjaran University (25-27 November 2010) DAAD, Unpad, DIKTI

Chapter Activities :


National Seminar cum Workshop on Multidisciplinary Application of Polymerase Chain Reaction.  Indostaff Network, Sam Ratulangi University, Science Bridge University of Kassel (4-5 August 2008, Formosa Hotel Manado)