DIES Seminar on Leadership in Higher Education

DIES Seminar on Leadership in Higher Education was held from October 14th – 17th, 2012, in Bandung – West Java. The event was in conjunction with the Indostaff Meeting and the International Deans’ Course part II.In the opening session, Ms. Irene Jannsen, the Director of DAAD in Jakarta welcomed all participants who most of them were representatives of Indonesian universities, and two foreign participants came from the Philippines and Malaysia. DAAD through DIES program has been actively supporting the universities, especially in developing countries, to enhance their staff’s capacity.

Dr. Christian Berthold from Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) Germany facilitated the IDC part II meeting, and he also intensively followed the discussion on implementing IDC values for larger Indonesian higher education institutions in the near future.

One of the programs is International Deans’ Course (IDC). Since 2008 DAAD offers the DIES International Deans’ Course for participants from Southeast Asia. This course is conducted every two years in cooperation with regional trainers from the Philippine Normal University, Philippines, Gadjah Mada University and Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. Indonesia is always marked as one of the important partners in the capacity building. While Indonesia has more than 3000 higher education institutions with variety of quality. The quality of study programs which lead to the quality of the outputs (alumni, research and community service) is depend on the quality of staff and leaders in their respective universities. Therefore, DAAD supports the idea of bringing out the IDC into Indonesian context. One of the aims of the joint DIES Seminar on Leadership in Higher Education is to discuss and to put a detailed program of Indonesian Deans Course which then ready to be submitted to DAAD.

In this occasion the members of Indostaff were also gathered and discussed their business plans which among others progress report from the Board of Presidium, research proposals on majors issues in higher education such as General Courses (Mata Kuliah Umum/MKU), the result of entrepreneurship course), and the upcoming Congress of Indostaff. Members Indostaff were also agreed that the Congress will be held in Yogyakarta in 2013. Dr. Lilik S, Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Technology – UGM gave his positive response the Indostaff’ request.

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